Seeing Anil Kapoor’s body in these pictures, you will also be sweating

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor is so fit even at the age of 63 like a Bollywood hero in the age of 30. Anil pays great attention to his physics and knows all this. Recently, the actor has shared some of his photos on Instagram, which everyone is shocked to see.

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Actually, Anil Kapoor has been sharing pictures of workouts continuously for some time. Continuing this sequence, the actor has shared more than one photo of his workout, in which he seems to be a tremendous fit.

Anil Kapoor wrote- ‘I have not shared these to show myself but want to give some simple advice. There is nothing better than when you work on body building. This can be achieved in different ways at different ages.

If you feel that a lot of money has to be spent on supplements to build such a body, then my answer is no. I did not take any supplements in this process. ‘