Salman Khan’s lockdown special Song ‘Tere Bina’ became a superhit

Salman Khan’s song Tere Bina Bina was released as a lockdown special. Salman released the song on his YouTube channel, where it has received 26 million or 26 million views across the week. The song garnered 12 million or 12 million views within 24 hours of its release.

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The song has been voiced by Salman himself and composed by his friend Ajay Bhatia, while the lyrics are by Shabbir Ahmed. The music video for the song features Jacqueline Fernandes opposite Salman.

Salman shot the song at his Panvel farm house. Talking about this song, Salman had earlier said- about seven weeks ago, when we came on the farm, we had no idea that we would be here in lockdown.

Jacqueline said that I didn’t think we could do it. We have a habit of shooting extensively, with a large production cost. There are costumes. Child, Makup. Suddenly, we were a team of only three people.

For the first time, I was checking out lighting and shooting. It was a lot of fun and it taught me how to get more out of a few.