Salman Khan Shares ‘most beautiful’ and important picture of lockdown

At present, the lockdown of Corona virus is going on at this time and people have been instructed to stay in homes. This is the most effective way to stop the outbreak of the corona virus.

In such a situation, Salman Khan has shared a very beautiful picture on his Instagram, which exemplifies mutual unity with strengthening the spirit of Corona virus lockdown.

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Due to Corona virus lockdown, Salman himself is also in self isolation and spending time at his farm house. From here also he is constantly associated with his fans. Salman also keeps posting funny videos from the farm house.

Salman has shown a lot of caution about the Corona virus from the very beginning. He inspired his fans to adopt self-isolation through social media.

Salman has sent money directly to the accounts of about 25 thousand wage workers, so that his family does not face foof crisis during the lockdown. Before the lockdown Salman Radhe was shooting for the film, which is to be released on EID.