Salman Khan releases teaser of song on corona virus

There’s a panic  about corona virus in the world. But entertainment industry people contribute to the campaign against this virus. 

Salman Khan has now decided to release a video. Salman is bringing a special song to spread awareness about the corona virus.

This song has been written and sung by Salman himself. The name of this song is ‘Pyaar Karona’.

Its teaser has been shared by Salman Khan on social media.

With this, he has told when this song is being released. Through this song, he has made an effort on his behalf. This song of Salman Khan will be released on his YouTube channel on April 20.

While sharing the video of his song, Salman Khan wrote- I want to tell you that this song will be released on my YouTube channel tomorrow. I hope you will be able to handle it.

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