Salman Khan liked Bobby Deol’s video for Corona Warriors

Among the Coronavirus, Bollywood celebs are engaged in boosting the morale of their fans in some way. For this, they are sending different messages through social media.

Meanwhile, a video of Bollywood actor Bobby Deol has also surfaced. In it, he made a video on the corona virus.

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In the video he is singing Chand Roz Ki Baat Hai Yaaron in his voice. This video shows the problems people are suffering from the corona virus. Apart from this, those people who have been standing in the front row during this epidemic are fighting the war.

The special thing is that this video of Bollywood’s dumb actor Salman Khan has also liked. He shared it with his official Twitter account.

He wrote, ‘It’s a matter of a few days, friends … will win if everyone is together.’ He also tagged Bobby Deol in it. It is worth noting that earlier Salman Khan also composed a song during Corona.

Shahrukh Khan commented on the song Salman Khan. they liked it. After this, Shahrukh also sang a song during the campaign called Eye for India. The lyrics of Shahrukh’s song is ‘Sab Sahi Ho Gaya’.