Salman Khan furious at Doctors and Police pelters

Right now everyone is frightened by the havoc of Corona Viral. Not only the government but also Bollywood stars are taking various steps to make the public aware of the epidemic like Corona.

At the same time, superstar Salman Khan is constantly trying to spread awareness on this epidemic by sharing videos and photos.

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Recently, a video of Salman Khan is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which he is seen to be fiercely angry with the doctors and the policemen.

Salaman Khan has shared a video on his Instagram account. This video looks quite angry. In the video, Salman Khan said, ‘Now Life’s Big Boss has started.

With this, Salman says, “His entire family is presently at the farm house and he has made a rule, under which neither one can come to his farm house nor can anyone go out”.