Ramayana On Doordarshan: Users raises Questions on the telecast Of Ramayana

Since the lockdown many old programs have been telecast on Doordarshan with Ramayana and Mahabharata. The special thing is that people are also liking these programs, because the TRP of Doordarshan has increased significantly. A user on Twitter has raised questions about its broadcast, after which the CEO of Doordarshan also responded.

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A user on Twitter questioned Doordarshan and wrote that the channel Moser Bier is broadcasting the Ramayana on the Ramayana on the channedl Via DVD. The User also shared a photo with the tweet, which contained the logo of Moserbier. Neha Dixit wrote, tweeting that, ‘Apologies for this inane tweet. But Doordarshan, India’s National broadcaster, is streaming Ramayana froom a Moser Baer DVD. Along with the watermamrk.’. The CEO responded by writing, ‘It does not seem to be Doordarshan. Please check your source again.’ At the same time, people’s reaction to the user’s tweet are coming and thousand of people have commented and trolled them.