Rahul Gandhi Intensely Wants to Keep Door Open For Sachin Rajesh Pilot: Congress Official Sources

New Delhi: 

Rahul Gandhi is having an intense desire to “keep the doors open for Sachin Pilot”, as the sources in the Congress told Updated News Report on Wednesday. It was hours after the rebel leader Sachin Pilot confirmed that he was not going to join the BJP. On the other hand, the rumors were spread to “malign him with the Gandhis”. The party has also tried to hold him back in Ashok Gehlot, asking him to tone down his statements against his former deputy. , the sources said. The caution, though, came much after Mr. Gehlot acknowledged he had proof against Mr. Pilot’s as he was horse-trading with the BJP.

How Sachin Pilot Is Going To Be The Game Changer?

Though Rahul Gandhi hasn’t yet made any contact with Mr. Pilot yet, he has spoken to him through councils once over the weekend. The official sources of Congress stated that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had touched base with Sachin thrice. Now the scenario much depends on Mr. Pilot, but the party challenged the rebel leader to stop associating with the BJP and surrender to the hospitality of a BJP-ruled state.

The future is a blur, and there is no indication about Sachin’s next move, the sources said. Any step was taken that might lead to the homecoming of Mr. Pilot might involve a cooling-off period, the party sources said officially. The action taken by Congress has been instantaneous against the key Rajasthan leader, who had been camping out in Delhi on Saturday.

Not only was he exposed to posts in the party and the government, but the party had also initiated disqualification proceedings in the assembly against him and his loyalist MLAs. On Wednesday, when he announced that he is not joining the BJP, the party challenged the rebel leader to stop joining the BJP and give up the hospitality of a BJP-ruled state.

Who Has Created The Situation Of Pushed To The Limit?

“We want to tell Mr. Pilot that if you don’t want to go with the BJP then you should also not even accept hospitality from Haryana. Moreover, if you don’t want to go with the BJP, you are suggested to stop talking to any BJP member, or leader,” senior leader Randeep Surjewala stated.

The next evening, Ashok Gehlot blamed Mr. Pilot for being drawn in the BJP horse-trading. The Chief Minister, whose government had been pushed to the brink of collapse following Mr. Pilot’s agitation, said, “The ex PCC chief was also involved in horse trade dealings with BJP. I can avail proof of horse-trading, Sachin had been making in his times”. 

I’ve Proofs Against The Curse Of Horse Trading Made By Sachin Pilot

A swift reality check was followed from the Team of Sachin Pilot. Two MLAs who moved to the Congress from Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party at Mr. Gehlot’s call questioned how much money they got from the deal. But with the rebel squad looking meaningfully weakened, the representative from Mr. Gehlot’s said the government is absolutely safe as he has the support of 106 MLAs, up from yesterday when the Congress appeared as they hardly have the half-way mark in the 200-member assembly.