Rachel McAdams talks about 2 year Son Motherhood and Quarantine

Rachel McAdams has told that her 2-year-old son kept her busy during the quarantine time, otherwise she would have become very bored without him at this time.

By the way, Rachel does not talk much about her son and personal life. She hides her personal life and talks about her son, partner Jamie Linden, in public.

But during the lockdown, he told everyone about his motherhood and how he spent his time in quarantine.

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When asked how she spends her time in the quarantine, she told “I have a very welcome distraction in my son, who is two. So, that’s pretty much what I do… all the time.”

She said that without her 2-year-old son, this quarantine time would have been very boring. “It’s true, he’s so entertaining! I thought about that, ‘Would I rather be alone in quarantine? Or with my family? You know, there are days sure, but I mean I would be so bored without him around to make it so fun. “

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In her notebook Rachel revealed “We live sort of out in the country, a little farm down the road, so we can go and look at the animals. We’ve been doing some planting, some okra, well, I mean , I do the planting and he snacks most of the day, “