Priyanka Chopra started exercising with the girl leaving the gym machines

Actress Priyanka Chopra is currently in California and the actress is also quarantined at home. These days, with the closure of the gym, yoga center, celebs are trying to keep themselves fit by doing workouts at home.

Some are doing workouts in a home made mini gym and many are resorting to yoga etc.

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Priyanka Chopra has shared a video and tells how she is doing workouts now. In the video that has been shared, it is seen that she is lying on a couch and on the other side of the couch she is doing her workouts by raising a child by hand.

In such a situation, Priyanka Chopra is not needing a machine to lift the weight and is exercising without a machine.

While sharing the video, Priyanka Chopra has written in the caption – No Gym, No Problem. The special thing is that the girl seen in the video is also happy and helping Priyanka’s workouts without any problem and is getting happy.

Please tell that the girl’s name is Krishna Skye, who is the daughter of Divya Jyoti. Divya Jyoti is an artist.