Priyanka Chopra Post Some Coronavirus Tips for Her Followers

Just as everyone is making it a success by staying in their homes due to the lockdown of coronavirus, similarly big stars are also uploading Motivational videos to make their fans successful.

Like many big stars, Priyanka Chopra has also posted a video on Twitter to motivate her fans, in which she has given answers to many questions related to coronavirus with Dr. Tedors, which can make people aware of this disease. Could win in the fight against

Priyanka Chopra is currently following #stayathome mission with her husband at her New York home. And by posting something new every day, it is making its fans aware about it.

In this sequence, he posted his video on twitter of people washing hands properly a few days ago to avoid coronavirus.

In this way, she is constantly socially connected with her fans and encouraging them.