PM Narendra Modi has announced Lockdown 4.0

The lockdown was imposed in the country from 25 March in view of the corona virus. Since then the lockdown has been extended 2 times. Currently, the date for the end of the lockdown has been set to 17 May.

PM Modi also announced a special economic package and said that the recent decisions of the government, combined with the announcement of Tuesday’s financial package by the RBI, were about 10 percent of India’s GDP – 20 lakh crore rupees.

“There is an unprecedented crisis but India will neither get tired nor give up the fight against coronovirus,” he said, stressing that “we have to protect ourselves and move forward.” “

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The Prime Minister said that the special economic package is for our laborers, farmers, honest taxpayers, MSMEs and cottage industries.

The Prime Minister’s statement on the lockdown came a day after several chief ministers called for amendments to the lockdown rules and extended autonomy to take decisions to deal with the coronovirus epidemic.

Almost the entire world including India is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the corona virus (COVID 19) epidemic. To prevent its spread, it is necessary that we have the right information and we should be careful and aware.

The number of people who died due to Corona virus in the country increased to 2293 on Monday and the number of infected reached 70756. In the last 48 hours, more than 200 people have died due to this virus.