PM Modi gives five ‘I’ formula for self-reliant India

The government is constantly trying to boost the coronavirus epidemic that is boosting the Indian economy. Taking this link forward, on Tuesday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the annual meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Our government considers the private sector as a partner for the country’s development journey. Your every need related to self-reliant India campaign will be taken care of. I constantly communicate with you, all the stakeholders and this series will continue.

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Take full advantage of investment in the rural economy and opening the way for partnerships with farmers.

Now necessary infrastructure is being prepared for clusters of local agro products near the village. There are many opportunities for all the members of CII.

The country is exporting metro coaches today. The country has built a train like Vande Bharat. Only in the last three months, the industry of crores of PPE has been created by Indian entrepreneurs.

PM Modi said, ‘Private sector participation is also becoming a reality in the strategic sector of the country. In sectors such as space, nuclear power, every opportunity awaits entrepreneurs. There has been a demand for changing the definition of MSME for a long time. Our government has done this work.