‘Parks and Recreation’ Reunion Special for Feeding America

The cast of the show “Parks and Recreation” announced to support ‘Feeding America’ to help starving people in coronvirus pandemic.

For this mission, the writers/ producers/ cast of ‘Parks and Recreation’ will once again come together and help to raise money for this.

According to the show’s executive producer Michael Schur, “A Parks and Recreation Special” show will come on Thursday.

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Michael Schur told the press through “It sort of made me want to cry a little bit.”

“I sort of said to NBC, ‘I’ll look into this.” And I sent out this email and the responses were so quick and so instant and so instantly positive. It just made me so happy. It was very much in keeping with the spirit of the show when we were making it. “

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All the cast of this show appeared together for many years, but at the time of this pandemic, all its members will be seen together once again.

For this, all of them together have created a donation portal “Feeding America”, in which all people have donated $ 500,000 on their behalf. His donation campion will run till 21 May.

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State Farm, Subaru of America, NBCUniversal are also associated with the cast of the show in this Feeding America campaign.