Pankaj Tripathi used to go to film seeking work with the recommendation of God

Pankaj Tripathi has left a distinct mark in Bollywood on the strength of his acting. Each of his characters shows a newness. Whenever any of his new films or webseries comes, it seems as if he is going to flourish like a youth. This is the result of Pankaj Tripathi’s years of hard work.

Recently, Pankaj Tripathi shared an anecdote related to his struggle. He has shared a video from his Facebook account. In it, he says, ‘I moved to Mumbai in 2004 with my wife. Before coming to Mumbai, I had told my wife that the struggle would be long, so do B.Ed. so that one earns.

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He told how he persuaded his wife to deliver biodata to a school without any vacancy. After this, his wife went to school and gave biodata. Although at the reception he was told that there are no jobs here, but he kept the bio data. And it was said that if there is a job, I will call you.

He said, ‘I started saying in the production house that Ishwar ji sent me after which my entry used to go. When I was asked about Ishwar ji, I had no answer and I used to lift my finger upwards. Many people were impressed by my sense of humor, there were many who were frustrated.