The Best OCR Tools for Converting Images to Text

Ocr or optical character recognition is a software that helps a tool or an app in converting or extracting text from an image. In the past years, it was very difficult for a person to use the optical character recognition technique as it was very rough and unreliable.

Now things have changed and updated, and since the last couple of years, we have seen this technology evolve and progress in the form of online third-party tools. Today if you want to extract text from an image, then it is a very easy process and can be done within less than seconds.

You must be wondering why we need online website tools to convert images to text. Well, this is a genuine concern of yours, but you should know that converting images to text manually is neither easy nor is efficient for a person.

Converting images to text is not an easy job, and without proper tools and techniques, it can take up to more than hours and sometimes a complete day to extract text from a single image. If you have a bulk of images that are in the queue for conversion in the textual format, then don’t worry about it, just keep reading this content, and you will know all about the best OCR tools on the web!

Free OCR Tool

The free OCR tool is a free recognition tool that can convert any kind of text from an image as long as you are using it on a system having windows ten on it. We want our audience to know that this OCR converter tool can easily help you in converting text to TIFF or pdf format.

This tool is basically powered by a very reputed open-source engine designed by Packard! It was eventually released by google and is still being run by it. This tool has the best layout detection system that can help you convert discreet blocks of text.

Image to text converter by Smallseotools!

The image to text converter or the photo to text converter tool by the small SEO tools is on the top of online OCR tools. This online tool also uses the optical character recognition system along with artificial intelligence, which helps the tool to convert any kind of image to the text within seconds of time.

This online image to text converter tool is a very handy service that can help you upload any image and convert it with just one click. Usually, online tools are very rough in their use, but this tool is quite simple and user-friendly.

You can use the image to text converter by following the below-mentioned points.

  • use this link to get to the tool. 
  • Use the upload button in the tool to grab images from your gallery or dropbox/google drive. You can also simply enter the image path and get an image from its online source.
  • After completing the input, you just have to hit the ‘convert’ button, and the tool will start doing its job.

It will hardly take a few seconds for the tool to convert your images to text. You don’t need to register yourself for the free use of the tool. Just open up the tool and enjoy unlimited services.


Now, this is also one of the interesting applications with OCR technology that you will find on the web these days. This application is very helpful in converting images to text on smartphone devices. Not only can you convert conventional images with this app, but you can also simply help yourself in extracting text from screenshots.

All of us go through situations in which we get hung up on text, including quotes or sayings of famous people on images, and this application can easily help you in converting the text and giving it to you in word format. All you have to do is enter the image in the app and wait for it to be converted.

Adobe Scan

If you are looking for a more professional image to text converter tool, then you should probably start using the adobe scanner on your device. We want you to know that this mobile application can easily be used on our android as well as on your IOS devices.

This app is a very formal camera scanning application that can be used without any subscriptions, registrations, or payments for that matter. You just have to install this OCR application on your device and start entering images with text on them.

This app can easily help you in converting your images, screenshots, pdf files, and other optical files to text without any complications. You can also extract text from images that are taken from your mobile’s camera! Just make sure the image is clean and no blurry before you enter it in the app for conversion!