Nitish Bhardwaj did not want to play Krishna : Mahabharat

Amidst the shutdown, the iconic Mahabharata is being telecasted again.

Nitish Bhardwaj played the very much liked role of Krishna in the serial. Do you know how Nitish got Krishna’s role? 

A screen test of 55 people has been done for the role of Krishna according to the report.

In an interview, Nitish said- ‘I was first cast for Vidur’s role but unexpectedly somebody else got Vidur’s role in my place. I met Ravi and we did movies together as well. 

Nitish said, ‘The role of Nakula and Sahadev in the show has been offered after some time. But I declined. I wanted to have Abhimanyu played. When I asked Ravi, he said I’m thinking of it. I was called after some time for a screen test for the role of Krishna. 

I gave a screen test and got final for the role of  Krishna. 

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