New lesson of life learned from this film: Taapsee Pannu

Actress Taapsee Pannu has given so many great film in Bollywood. She has also done films beyond several leagues. One of them is also the movie Game Over. Taapsee Pannu’s film, which was filled with psychological thrills last year, was well liked by the audience.

Taapsee Pannu has now revealed that the film Game Over is one of the most special films of her life and film career.

Taapsee Pannu has shared a post on her official Instagram account.

Taapsee Pannu wrote in her post, ‘We all have two lives. Your second life starts only when you leave the first one. The envelope that I was holding at the time and what was written in it was difficult to read at first. I am sure to live in the moment. It is not that I had no plans before that ‘.

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