Dream IRL Youtuber – Most Favorite Minecraft Youtuber

Dream IRL

Dream IRL is one of the most famous Minecraft Youtuber all over the world. He has gained almost two million subscribers in just 2 years. His daily videos have also got more than ten billion views on Youtube. He is the most famous Youtuber in all cyberspace. Below are some facts that you should know about Dream IRL, including His real name, his girlfriend, his face reveal, and even whether or not he has siblings.

Who is Dream IRL?


Dream IRL is a famous Minecraft YouTuber. Started his youtube channel in 2014. He becomes one of the forgecraft’s first subscribers on Youtube, and quickly becomes a fan favorite with 600,000 subscribers on his gaming channel. 

He plays other games on his other devices like a laptop. His no other game comes close in terms of video views and popularity except overwatch and league of legends. There have been no main endorsements or sponsors for Dream IRL.

When was Dream IRL born?

He was born in Boston on August 12, 1999. And, now he lives in Los Angeles. He loves makeup and pop music. He might be a makeup artist. There are also many videos of him on Youtube that show off his artistic side. Although it is not easy to acquire a feel for an online character, explore google for him using different search items like Dream face reveal or Dream Minecraft face.

What is the real name of Dream IRL?

He started his channel as a Minecraft series with a mask on his face. So, it is clear that no one knows who he is. Dream’s IRL real name is not disclosed but his first name is Clay. He prefers to be known by his Dream IRL name online and offline. It took a year for his actual identity to be revealed.

A lot of people didn’t know his real name until he exposed himself on Youtube at least 2 years after he started on youtube. Some people start talking bad things about him that he was making money by doing this and others loved him even more for revealing his face. He kept his personal life very private and didn’t show any information regarding his parents. he has a younger brother, elder sister, and younger sister.

Dream IRL Career as Youtuber

He created his youtube account in Feb 2014 and started to upload content on a daily basis in July July 2019. The first video on Dream’s account is still available. In that video, he plays the game Minecraft Poorly on purpose in order to get the attention of viewers. The video has 16 million views.

He uploads a viral video entitled “Minecraft” and which has 49 million views as of December 2021. Dream IRL is a member of the “Dream Team”, along with other YouTubers fellowGeorgeNotFound and Sapnap. The group often unites to create new content. 

Why is the channel so popular?

  • Minecraft is a game where players mostly make a world out of blocks.
  • In the game, there are several monsters that you have to fight with them. But, luckily Dream IRL is just constructed throughout the video.
  • In such videos, Dream records himself playing the game and describes what he is doing.
  • He uploads 1 video a day which can range from five minutes to over an hour. 
  • His videos have been played all over the world with a total of around 304 billion views.
  • Dream IRL has become one of the most favored Minecraft YouTuber nowadays.


Dream IRL released his first song entitled “Rodtrip” in collaboration with PmBata on February 4, 2021. He got around 25 million views on Youtube. After that, he released his second song entitled “Mask” on May 20, 2021. And also he released the animated video of this song in June of the same year. But, he deleted that video later. People criticize the animation and lyrics of the music video of him.

Dream released his third song entitled “Change My Clothes” In collaboration with American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin on August 19, 2021. He got over 8.3 million views on Youtube.

Facts About Dream IRL

  • He learned coding by watching tutorials on Youtube and he is good at coding.
  • Clay declares that he has read many articles and books about Youtube and how the Youtube algorithm works. 
  • He said that if he was not a Youtuber then he would become a software developer.
  • Height is his biggest fear.
  • Football is his favorite sport.
  • Clay’s favorite Youtuber is PewDiePie.
  • He has a cat as a pet named Patches and he is an animal lover.

Dream’s net worth

He has an approximate net worth of about $13.67 million. His real net worth is still unknown.  This net worth forecast is only based on Youtube advertising earnings. In actuality, his net worth could be even more. If we consider many sources of earnings, then Dream’s net worth could be as high as $19.14 million. You can also read about Hunter Biden.

He likely has other earning sources. Other revenue sources such as product sales, affiliate commissions, and sponsorships may generate much more earrings than ads. Also visit Wikipedia