Near California – Arizona Border 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Felt in San Diego County

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Baja California, Mexico was felt throughout San Diego County Friday evening.

The earthquake was reported as a 5.5 magnitude close to Alberto Oviedo Mota, close to Mexicali, Mexico. But the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) revised it and later modified the situation close to Coahuila, B.C. roughly 166.9 miles southeast of San Diego, according to USGS.

Multiple folks throughout Twitter and Facebook rapidly reacted to the shaking.

Many advised NBC 7’s Gaby Rodriguez on twitter they felt the shaking in Del Mar, Chula Vista and even Arizona. Some even felt the shaking as far north as Orange County.

No injury was reported in town of San Diego.

The National Earthquake Conference was held this week unveiling an updated San Diego Earthquake Scenario.

The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute regarded on the impression a magnitude 6.9 earthquake alongside the Rose Canyon Fault would have on the area.

The examine discovered a quake of that magnitude would trigger widespread injury.

“We have about 120,000 buildings through our estimates that could be damaged after a future earthquake on the Rose Canyon Fault,” Tremayne mentioned. “We’ve also found that there’s about $38 billion estimated of financial loss that could occur in our community.”

San Diego’s constructing codes have been up to date in the 1990s, so newer development needed to be constructed to larger requirements.