Naya Rivera, the famous star of ‘Glee’ is missing after she went for boating with her 4-year-old son

A famous actress and singer, Naya Rivera is missing after she went for boating or swimming with her 4-year-old son, sources say. She is an American famous actress and singer famous for her familiar TV drama show Glee. A search for famous ‘Glee’ actress is underway after she went missing in Ventura County.

What Sheriff department says about the incident?

Capt. Eric Buschow of Venture County Sheriff’s department says, “There is a lot of challenges in a reservoir of this size (the one she is missing in) at time of visibility. I do not have details yet as to the depth of the area where the boat was found or what conditions are the encountering out there”.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s department said, they responded to a report of a boy alone on a boat around 4:48 pm. Officers on the scene found the child but no information is yet to be released about the child’s condition

What happened to Naya Rivera?

Naya Rivera rented a boat on Wednesday afternoon with her 4-year-old son along with her. Authorities went searching for the boat when it was overdue to be returned. Staff at the lake found the boat with Rivera’s son on board by himself.

He told investigators that he and his mother were swimming but she did not return to the boat. It is believed that Rivera may not have been wearing a life jacket, and may have drowned. Helicopters, divers, and drones are searching for the lake to find her dead body at least.

What she was famous for, and what she was upon now?

By profession, she was an actress and singer. Rivera most famously played the character of Santana Lopez in a well-known TV drama show ‘Glee’. She is currently performing in the TV show ‘Step up’.