My mother has never been a part of the Ramayana show : Tahira Kashyap

Recently, a screengrab of the character of Ramayana’s Trijata was going viral on social media, which was said to be played by Tahira’s mother Anita Kashyap. 

But now Ayushmann’s wife Tahira has rejected all these things. 

Tahira made a statement saying her mother was never a part of the Ramayana show, she had been involved with the education.

The statement said, In these things there is absolutely no truth that my mother, Tahira Kashyap, was a part of the Ramayana serial. All those reports are false. She was associated with education and the show is unrelated.

Actually, lot of memes are becoming viral on social media. Internet users are calling Trijata the world’s first reporter. 

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