Mukesh Khanna reacts to ‘Cooler Viral Scene’ from Mahabharata

One scene of Mahabharata has been in the news for the last few days, in which one scene showed people cooler next to Bhishma Pitamah.

The photo of this scene went viral on social media. People made a lot of comments on social media about this scene.

Now Mukesh Khanna has given his reaction regarding this scene. 

Talking to Times of India, Mukesh said, ‘I have been hearing a lot about that photo in the past, in which I mean that Bhishma Pitamah’s character is looking cooler. The first thing that I want to know is where did this photo come from? Secondly, who posted this photo?

Mukesh further said, ‘I feel that this photo was done during the show, but if that’s the case then it is a big mistake. But seeing this, I can tell that this photo is between shots, when the shoot was not going on. 

Mukesh said that he used to use the cooler on the sets because of heavy heat caused by heavy costumes and jewelery. 

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