MOT checks are getting difficult, with the Corona virus pandemic

It is mandatory for people in the UK to get their vehicles MOT tested. The MOT test checks that vehicles meet road safety and environmental standards which are a big deal.
You have to get an MOT for your vehicle by either:
● After it completes three years
● Annually after it over three years old

When purchasing a vintage vehicle, even if they are in good condition, being more than three years old, the owner would have to handle regular MOT checks. The pricing of the MOT tests changes based on the requirements that the car has and its condition.

What are the changes made to the MOT process in light of the Coronavirus?

There were multiple changes made to the MOT tests because of Coronavirus (COVID-19), but these new rules only assist applicants depending on when their MOT is due to expire.

For example, people driving vehicles with an MOT expiring between the 30th of March to the 31st of July, their MOT will be automatically extended for six months because of the virus. These six months would depend on the exact time that their MOT was going to expire.

Additionally, people who have just entered the UK have to wait for 14 days before they can book an appointment. They have to go through the proper quarantine guidelines before taking their cars in to check MOT. Furthermore, when people book MOT tests, they can even avail of the benefit of having the representative of the garage come to their house and collect the vehicle. Although this is not the case everywhere, some garages do handle this and make sure they properly sanitize the car before returning it to their clients.

Now some options allow people to check MOT online since they are pushing for social distancing and staying indoors as much as they possibly can

Can applicants handle their MOT tests online?

Candidates who have to complete their MOT tests should book MOT as soon as they can since fewer people are going through the MOT process in the summer.

MOT companies or vehicle service center shares their information with MOT garages so that they can go through this information and create more accurate MOT results. Some of the other information that they need is:

Check the past result’s of a cars MOT tests, including:

● Whether it passed or failed the test in the previous year
● The exact mileage recorded at the last test that the car went through the test
● The specific tests, handled in the past
● Any parts of the vehicle that failed at each test, and if any parts had minor problems
● Any probable issues with the vehicle, to be tested in future
● The date of the next MOT test

Additionally, all the information about previous tests is saved for the last 15 years. People can get results for tests done in England, Scotland, or Wales since 2005. There are instances where people have to wait to go through the MOT test, and they were allowed extensions.