Monster Hunter Movie

Monster Hunter (film) based on hit monster

Monster Hunter is a 2020 hit monster-based film, which was produced, directed, and written by Paul W.S Anderson. The film is based on a video game series by the name of Capcom. It stars Mila Jovovich, Tony Jaa, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta, Ron Perlman, and Jin Au-Yeung. 

It is an adaptation of a series that has been in conception since the year 2020, directed by Paul W.S Anderson. The exciting news of this film was officially announced in October 2018 by Capcom. The filming began on October 5th, 2018, and was finished on December 19th, 2018, in South Africa. 

Released on the 4th of December, 2020, first in China then on the 18th of December, 2020 in the US. You can watch monster hunter online on Netflix.

Monster hunter movie Trailer


  • Mila Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis (a US Army Ranger member of the US military teams) 
  • Tony Jaa as The Hunter 
  • Meagan Good as Dash 
  • Diego Boneta as Marshall
  • Clifford ‘T.I. Harris Jr. as Lincoln 
  • Josh Helman as Steelar 
  • Jin Au-Yeung as Axe
  • Ron Perlman as The Admiral 
  • Hirona Yamazaki as Handler

Mila Jovovich

Monster Hunter Milla

Tony Jaa

tony_jaa_monster_hunter_sword.0 (1)

Meagan Good


Diego Boneta

Clifford ‘T.I. Harris Jr.

Josh Helman

Jin Au-Yeung

Ron Perlman

Hirona Yamazaki

The Storyline of Monster Hunter Movie: 

The monster hunter stories of an unnamed low fantasy setting, where humans and other sentient races come head to head when they set their eyes on the ‘New World’, which a separate continent from the old populated World. This is new 2021 Hollywood movie.

The New World is basically an untamed wilderness where many powerful monsters roam around freely, and because of that, many researchers are drawn to the place to uncover new mysteries. The film is based on a video game series which is known by the same name, by Capcom. 

Is monster hunter world cross platform?

The answer is Yes, it is world cross platform.

Critical Response: 

This movie received mixed reviews from the audience. On the famous review aggregator site ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, the film holds a rating of 49%, with an average rating of 4.6/10. Some of the fans called the characters and the storyline ‘a mindless blur of action’. Critical also giving response on Monster hunter stories 2

IndieWire’s David Ehrlich gave this film a D grade saying that the fans of such a genre must feel cheated by such an incurious and stingy take on something they love so dearly. He further added that he wonders how monster hunter: world iceborne movie itself earned any fans in the first place. 

However, according to PostTrak, 63% of the ratings were positive, with 41% of the audience members saying that they would recommend others to also watch this monster hunter generations. 


Director Paul W.S Anderson was rumored to produce and direct a film adaptation of ‘Monster Hunter’ franchise back in 2012. He stated that he discovered monster hunter world mods in 2008 while he was traveling to Japan and had become a fan of the game series, and thought about making a film adaptation as a ‘passion project’. 

After a couple of years, Anderson revealed that he had been talking to Capcom about securing the rights of the video game series so he could make the film. After five years of discussion, Anderson and co-producer Jeremy Bolt successfully gained the rights from Capcom to make the film adaption of the video games series. Director Paul W.S Anderson stated that he was not just drawn to the series’ popularity, rather he was more excited about the ‘incredibly beautiful, and immersive world they have created’. The film was formally announced in 2018 by the team. 

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