Creating a luxury bedroom can be both easy and difficult. If you have a knack for decorating and choosing the right colors, you will nail the luxury features of the bedroom in a heartbeat. However, if you are a novice, but would love to decorate your bedroom luxury style, here are a few bedroom ideas by

Luxury bedrooms don’t always mean a room full of furniture; always remember less is more when it comes to luxury. If you are looking to create a luxury styled bedroom, pick simple and classy furniture, with fewer pieces than usual.

Luxury bedrooms can be created with anything, less or more furniture, high-cost furnishings, or even economical but classy furnishings. All you need is to be mindful of the colors you are choosing and the way you are putting everything together. Other features like exotic plants, natural wood flooring, custom lighting, high-quality rugs as well as premium carpets and large windows also contribute to making a simple bedroom luxury one.

The Golden Luxury Bedroom:

Gold is truly a royal color; if you want to go for the ultimate royal look, start with gold tones. Mix a bit of white and pink to the lot and create a luxury look. Textures like velvet and silk also add a touch of luxury to the blend. A large chandelier in the middle will only make things look regal. Finish off with a subtle Egyptian carpet.

Coastal Luxury:

If you are fortunate enough to have a sea view from your bedroom, cash that in. Install huge French windows and use the beautiful scenery to all the touch of luxury in your room. Gold center pieces, as well as chandeliers, would go very well with the serene background. You can either choose pastel-colored furniture or stark white to complement the calm interior of the room. Opt for a king-size bed if you have ample space, also add light carpeting and a luxury chair with a floor lamp to read while the waves play serene music in the background.

Feng Shui Master Bedroom:

The traditional art of Feng Shui can also be incorporated in a luxurious bedroom. Use all white furniture with a white ceiling and warm brown walls. Add potted plants where ever you can and a mix of dark chairs and drapes to compliment the white of the ceiling and bed. You can also add touches of yellow like a love seat or centerpieces to add warmth to the room.

Dark and Light:

To create a Zen-like environment, you can always opt for white and black. However, it’s important that you create a balance between the two colors and not let anyone color dominate the scene. Start with white walls and black furniture with gold siders. However, make sure that the room has enough space to accommodate the dark furniture, or else the whole thing will give off a gloomy look rather than the luxury one you are after. Stunning white curtains against the black headboard of the bed would look exceptionally beautiful

Less Is More:

When we said less is more to create luxury, we weren’t lying. Even in a small space, stark white furniture with dark ceiling and décor would create the ultimate look of luxury. Go for white flooring as well as white upholstery against a dark rug, preferably brown, to give the room a warm glow. Keep the lighting yellow. If you want to add plants to the setting, use gold pots to enhance the luxury setting.

Space Is Everything:

IF you have a modern room with a separate area for closet, work this space to create a luxurious setting. Start with gold and black furniture accessories as well as a colossal hardwood ceiling. Add a huge king size bed and use leather sheets to enlist luxury. All this will look great with some floor mirrors as well as floor lamps. Also, add a couch or a leather love seat to complete the whole look.

Blue and Gold:

The hues of blue and gold in pastel tones can give the world of luxury in your own little space. The most convenient thing about this setting is that you don’t need to remodel the whole room or change the furniture, but rather perk up all you have and make it work together to create an illusion of luxury. Start with silk sheets with gold motives. Add a subtle gold wallpaper on your with alternating designs on all four walls. Paint all trimmings white and replace the headboard of your bed with a golden one. You can also use all gold hues in centerpieces as well as on the frames adorning the walls.

Bottom Line:

A luxurious room doesn’t need royal furnishing, but it does require space as well as perfect architecture. All you need is someone who can help you with the right colors and ideas to create a luxurious setting.