Michelle Obama and Laura Bush Share Hopeful Message on Saturday Night’s Global Citizen Concert

Former First Lady Laura Bush and Michelle Obama gave a message of thanks and hope to everyone at their home on Saturday night’s Global Citizen “One World: Together at Home” special show.

Bush said in his message “Michelle and I are thrilled to join you tonight in your homes for this special program”

Both first ladies took turns speaking.

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Michelle said “We’ve had the profound privilege of getting to know you and your families. Your hopes and your struggles, and your triumphs.”

Bush then went on to say “The spirit and courage of the American people is the most evident in times of crisis, and during this period of physical separation, we’ve never been closer. Not just in our great country, but tonight we stand with the people of the world. “

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Bush thanked all those who worked on the front line in the war against the disease and said that you’re the fabric of our country and your strength will carry us through this crisis. “

Michelle finished her message saying “The coming days will not be easy, but this global family of ours is strong. We will continue to be here for one another and we will get through this crisis. Together. Thank you.”

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The Global Citizen “One World: Together At Home” event has been organized to fund the WHO to fight the coronavirus epidemic.