Maia Campbell ‘In The House’ Actress Arrested by Atlanta Police

“In the House” 1990 UPN comedy show star actress Maia Campbell has been arrested by the Atlanta police. Maia, 43, is arrested on Saturday, May 16, in a street car racing offense in Atlanta.

According to The Atlanta Constitution-Journal, 44 people along with Maia have been arrested by the police for street racing. The police have arrested all of them based on the video footage.

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Maia Campbell was also nominated for a Young Actress Award in 1996 for her role opposite LL Cool J in a comedy series. This series had 76 episodes which is the most hit comedy series.

Maia Campbell is also aware of bipolar disorder and substance abuse. In a series “Iyanla: Fix My Life” in 2012, Maia told everyone about her life.

Campbell’s 1990 to 1996 show “In the House” was the last successful show of her career.

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The Atlanta police described the incident as “This is not new. But what the pandemic did was create a perfect storm where you have young people who are bored; their usual outlets – shopping, hanging out in a park – those were all eliminated by the stay-at-home orders.”