Mahabharat : When Actors Started cring on Last Day of Shoot, Watch this imotional video

‘Mahabharata’ is being telecasted again during lokdown on DD Bharati and it is getting very good response from the audience.

It kept viewers engaged from the first episode to the last episode. They were kept tied. Every scene was so impressive that the audience finished all the work and used to sit in front of TV to watch ‘Mahabharata’.

All the actors of the serial became very emotional on the last day of the shoot.

In the serial, Sri Krishna, Pandavas, Draupadi, Bhishma Pitamah, Shakuni, Kauravas were all seen on screen in a battlefield. But in reality, they were all very good friends.

On the last day of shoot all the actors hugged and cried.

A video has surfaced on social media, in which all the actors are seen crying on the shooting location of Mahabharata.

No matter how much they show hatred for each other on the screen, they actually had a good friendship in real life.

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