Lockdown: Salman Khan gave ₹ 15 Crore to Daily workers

The lockdown caused by COVID-19 has affected the economic condition of the daily wage workers of the film industry.

Salman Khan is sending money directly to his bank account and providing direct help.

According to Spotboys report, FWICE President BN Tiwari and General Secretary Ashok Dubey have submitted the list of Daily Workers to Salman Khan and the work of sending monet to the workers has also started.

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Eariler, Salman Khan was given a list of 19000 workers, but this was changed as 3000 workers got help from other production houses.

After this, 16000 workers were to be helped, after which Salman Khan has been given a list of 9000 new workers.

Ashok Dubey told that Salman Khan will support every worker for two months and each worker will be given 6000 Rs(3000 RS per month).

At the same time, Salman Khan has also helped the Feferation in the last 2 years by Rs 1.5 crore. In addition, Salman Khan has also helped 50 ground female workers.