Lockdown 4.0: Who will get exemption, Where will the rules be strict ?

Corona is spreading its wings fast in India, the central government thought it necessary to take a lockdown-like step. But now it has become necessary to finish it. Because economic activities have come to a complete standstill, which is creating problems like employment etc.

If the situation remains the same then our economy will be destroyed. In such a situation, the central government has said to relax some of the fourth part of the lockdown. 

In Lockdown-4 will be relaxed in many things. However, the conditions for the Containment Zone will remain the same.

Clearly, no state is in favor of ending the lockdown altogether. Everyone is slowly looking for a way out. An official said, ‘No state government wants to end the lockdown but is in favor of restarting all economic activities.’

Schools, colleges, malls and movie theaters will not open in any locality in the fourth part of the new lockdown. Salons, barber shops and spa centers can be opened with caution in the Red Zone. Apart from this, it will also be open in Green Zone and Orange Zone.

By Friday all the states had to submit their suggestions to the central government.

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