Kriti Sanan recites poem on increasing cases of domestic violence in lockdown

People are currently imprisoned in their homes because of the lockdown. But amidst this trouble, another news has disturbed everyone. Domestic violence cases have also increased a lot in the country these days. Many big celebrities have expressed their concern on this matter.

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Kriti told that she wrote this poem when she was in the 1st class. She said that she remembers this poem because she thinks highly of it. Kriti also became emotional while reciting her poem on social media.

Sharing this, Kriti wrote in the caption, ‘It is heartbreaking that domestic violence cases in the country have doubled in lockdown. Of these, 700 cases are from Punjab. And these are the ones who have been registered. Think about how many such cases will not be done till now.

Kriti tells the story behind writing this emotional poem in the video. She said, ‘One day our house helper was crying after telling her story to my mother. She told how her husband used to drink alcohol and raise his hands on her. Kriti said that because of this she wrote this poem.