Know why Sanjay Mishra spoke to Paulo Coelho

Sanjay Mishra, one of the best actors of Hindi cinema, is currently receiving praise for his film Succeed. However, this praise is very special when Paulo Coelho tears into his eyes after watching the film.

Sanjay Mishra plays a character actor in the Hardik Mehta-directed feat, which is going to do the 500th film of his career, but is looking for a Yagdar character for it.

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Through the film, the situation of the character actors in the industry has also been highlighted. This aspect of the feat influenced the world-renowned writer Paulo Coelho.

This praise of the author of The Alchemist also made Sanjay emotional. He wrote thankfully in response – If my father were alive today, he would be very happy to read what you have written about me. But I have told my mother, the film unit and my writer-director Hardik Mehta. They are all very happy. Thank you.

Earlier Paulo thanked Shahrukh Khan for presenting this film. Paulo tweeted and wrote- Shahrukh, the producers in the first frame of the film thank you and I am saying the same. Two days ago the great Brazilian artist Flavio Migiliacio committed suicide.