Know why Javed Akhtar demanded azaan stop with loudspeaker

Film writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar has demanded loudspeakers to shut down Ajan. He believes that this causes trouble to other people. He said that Ajan can be a part of faith and faith but it is not a gadget.

In a tweet on Saturday, lyricist Javed Akhtar wrote about this on social media, ‘It was forbidden to speak on Azan loud speaker in India for almost 50 years, then it became halal and so halal that it has no end but its Must end. Azan is fine but loud speaker causes inconvenience to others.

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When asked if loudspeakers are being used even in temples, the 75-year-old lyricist said that anyone’s use of loudspeakers is a matter of concern.

Be it a temple or a mosque. If you use loudspeakers at a festival, it is fine, but it should not be used every day, be it a temple or a mosque.

Earlier in the month of March, Akhtar had demanded the closure of mosques in view of the corona epidemic and said that why not this mosque when Kaaba and Medina can be closed. He also appealed to Muslims in Ramadan to perform Namaz from home.