Know why Ajay Devgan wrote, he has been with Kajol for 22 years in Lockdown

Film actor Ajay Devgan has shared a throw back photo with actress and wife Kajol, in which he compared 22 years of his marriage to lockdown. Ajay Devgan often trolls his wife Kajol on social media and has once again done so.

Ajay compares his 22 years of marriage to lockdown. Ajay wrote on social media, ‘It seems that it has been twenty two years since the lockdown started. #FridayFlashback @itsKajolD ‘He also shared a picture.

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Fans love to see Ajay trolling Kajol. One user wrote, “When you open your old albums we get a chance to go back to those moments for a while.”

At the same time, another wrote, ‘Even then, you guys were cute couples and even today you are cute couples in real life !! Blessed sir. Ajay and Kajol married in 1999 and now have two children. Daughter Neesa and son Yug.

Explaining this, Kajol said, ‘When we decided to get married, we had been dating for 4 years. His parents were ready, but my father did not talk to me for 4 days. He wanted me to focus on my career, but I was firm and he finally agreed.