Keyboardist David Bryan, Says He Tested Positive For Coronavirus

David Bryan is the popular Keyboardist and he is the Member of Bon Jovi. A few days ago, He announced on Instagram on Saturday that he tested positive for coronavirus. He Postulated that “Please don’t be afraid !!! It’s the flu, not the plague”. In the interview, he said, “ I will test that I am free from this nasty virus. Please help each other. It will be over ”. They motivate people so that they fight with coronavirus. 

Actually when he tested for coronavirus and it came positive that he isolated for a week and got treatment. He Followed all guidelines and maintained the dangerous situation. He also suggested to people that don’t panic but be aware of this virus.

Brian is also a Tony Award-winning composer and songwriter. He is not the first celebrity to announce a positive coronavirus diagnosis. Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Andy Cohen, and several NBA players are infected with Coronavirus. They all are safe from the virus now and also they follow all precautions for this virus.

This virus spreads over the world and gets to a dangerous stage. So, Please be aware of the precaution and maintain social distances. Every country is trying to save the people from this virus.