Kerala’s IAS officer became guest on Kartik Aaryan’s show

The state of Kerala is also being discussed among the growing number of people infected with Corona virus across the country, where the number of infection cases of COVID-19 is very low and the number of cured cases is also high. The Kerala model is now at the center of discussions related to the corona virus.

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This episode is being uploaded on Tuesday. Noah Bawa is seen as a superhero in Kerala. He is called Man With A Gift Of Instant Decision. The reason behind this is Bawa’s work. Noah Bawa, as District Collector, started to stop the spread of COVID-19 in his district since only 3 cases were revealed.

Koki talks to warriors battling the Corona virus in the show Koki asks. It includes people from different professions. Koki would ask that the initiation began with Dr. Mimamsa Butch. After this, IPS officer Madhurveena has become a guest of the show.

Talking about the total cases of corona virus, according to the data given in the Arogya Setu App of the Government of India, the number of Kovid 19 infected cases has crossed the 70 thousand mark, out of which more than 22 thousand have been cured.