Karthik Aryan became Kabir Singh after eating bad bread, made this situation for sister

Due to the lockdown, the celebs are currently forced to stay in their homes. During this time, celebs are sharing various types of videos on their social media account Instagram which are becoming quite viral among fans. Some are cooking at home and some are cleaning.

It is shown in the video, Karthik Aryan eats roti but he does not like this roti at all, when his sister comes there, he goes to his sister and starts grabbing her braid and rolling it.

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Then just as Kabir Singh ran after his med, Karthik runs after Aryan’s sister. This video of brother and sister is quite funny.


Karthik is currently in the news due to his funny videos and photos. Even before this video, he had shared a video with his sister in which he was seen acting Hrithik Roshan of ‘Koi Mil Gaya’.