Take A Look at Sexy Kareena Kapoor Khan & Saif Ali Khan’s Travel Diaries

Kareena Kapoor Khan & Saif Ali Khan’s Travel Diaries

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a famous Bollywood diva. Her acting skills and her sexy aura always make her a hot topic in the headlines. From her beautiful looks to her personal life, fans love to gossip about her. She is very active on her social media handles and loves to share tidbits of her life with her fans. Over the years, Kareena has reduced working in the movies.

We see her very rarely on the screen. But the size of her fandom hasn’t diminished. She is still the same fashion icon and Diva she was before. She married Saif Ali Khan a few years back, and her son Taimoor is the cutest and most famous celebrity kid in the industry. Everywhere they go, the paparazzi follow the family for one photo of the kid.

Just like his mother, Taimoor knows how to attracts a vast audience. He is also very apt at pouting and posing for pictures. In no time, the cute photos of the celebrity kid go viral on the internet. Kareena is now expecting her second child. We can only hope that the second-born receives the same fame and love as the first-born.

Kareena Kapoor Travel 1
Kareena Kapoor Travel

Kareena and her Instagram:

Unlike many other celebrities, Kareena joined Instagram pretty late. She is still learning the ropes and getting herself acquainted with the new global world. Kareena has six million followers, which are growing day by day. She shares photos of her campaigns and family regularly.

This is the side of Kareena, which we haven’t seen before. She is bubbly and a happy person who loves to share photos of her family. Being a member of the Kapoor Family, she has a lot on her plate. From formal dinners to family get-togethers, she shares all the good stuff on her Instagram.

Sometimes she also posts blasts from past pictures, which makes us wonder how someone can look so young at this age. Kareena has a close relationship with her sister Karishma, a brilliant actress in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Both of the sisters are charming and incredibly gorgeous.

Traveling around the world:

2020 was a year of lockdown, and no one could travel anywhere. All around the world, people were caged in their homes while the future looked grim. Now, most countries have lifted the traveling restrictions, and everyone is traveling.

Kareena shared a decade-old photo of her and Saif to share the memorable moment with her fans. Kareena and Saif can be seen strolling around the streets in Morocco. The power couple looks exquisite and gorgeous together.

Kareena posted a photo of her and Saif in Italy as well. A beautiful image is blooming with love among the couple. The picture marks many years of their relationship, and the couple is beaming happily while looking at the camera. Kareena looks gorgeous in the red lipstick.

Recently Kareena shared photos of her family enjoying a lavish vacation on a beach. Taimoor looks adorable in beach shorts. Kareena is wearing a bikini, which makes her look ravishing and hot. She has shown her fans that she still has the zero figure she was once famous for. The red bikini looks fantastic. It complements Kareena’s aesthetic and style. Mr. Saif Ali Khan looks quite engrossed in the coconut.

Now, we all want to book a beach for the summer 2021 vacation. Hopefully, this time around, we won’t be held down with travel restrictions. We won’t be as good-looking as the couple, but we can surely try our best.