Job Oriented Courses After 12th in 2020

Great Courses with Great Career Options After 12th

The 12th standard is the most crucial stage in every student’s life. This is the very time when each one of you who is on the edge of passing the senior school, have to pay great attention to the aftermath of the 12th standard.

It has been seen that several students due to the selection of the wrong platform, often get disappointed with the result.

The time of the 12th standard is the very time when students require proper guidance. Gone are the days, when you have to choose a career option which depends on the subject you selected in the 12th standard.

Today, you can simply choose a career where your interests lie.

But that doesn’t mean that you decide without thinking twice. Always remember the selection of the right course after 12th can enhance your chance to lead a superlative lifestyle.

Unique options for diploma courses after graduation

Students of the 12th standard often get confused about which course they should pursue so that they can get a good career opportunity.

If you are the one who is about to pass your 12th standards and if you are still wondering, what is the right career for you and what should you do for the right career, then you have arrived at the right place.

We have assembled some best job oriented diploma and degree courses that you could choose after 12th science, commerce and art domain.

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Job oriented diploma course after 12th commerce

One of the most aspiring and highly potential domains of commerce opens the door of opportunities for students who have commerce as their subject.

One of the benefits that commerce students have over the art students is that they can choose subjects of either domain. Here are some major diploma courses that you can think of taking after 12th commerce:

Diploma in fashion designing

Fashion designing is the major field that students think to purse, after completing the 12th standard. You should select fashion designing as a career if you have an interest in clothes and accessories.

If you feel you have great fashion sense, design & style since then this field is for you. If you want to pursue your career you should know the basics of sketching and drawing.

Diploma in Yoga

It is a unique and emerging field, which has a bright career scope. All those who have an interest in health and fitness issues should go and pursue a diploma in yoga.

Many students are indulged in yoga activities ever since from school time, for them having a diploma in yoga is a perfect choice.

The best part about Yoga diploma is that you could open your yoga center and become a yoga teacher after the course so even if you have interest in training, motivating and teaching people about the different aspects of yoga, then this the course for you.

Diploma in financial accounting

The majority of commerce students prefer financial accounting diploma. The domain is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Some of the major benefits of selecting a diploma in financial accounting include, great employment prospects, have high job security, full resilience, give depth to your career and have amazing financial rewards.

Some other more diploma courses after 12th commerce

  • Diploma in retail management
  • Diploma in physical education
  • Diploma in hotel management
  • Diploma in business management
  • Diploma in industrial safety

Job oriented diploma course after 12th science

Science is a major domain, it is the next important domain equivalent to commerce. Students choose this domain in a large number.

Many science students even have issues in their assignments and think “if I can have someone who can write my assignment”. 

However, irrespective of the technicality of science assignment, students choose this domain and pursue their career. Here are some major diploma courses that you can think of taking after 12th science:

Diploma in Nursing

This domain is majorly open for those who have science plus biology in their 12th. A perfect option for those who wish to pursue their career in the medical field, this one-year diploma course is perfect for those who have an interest in the medical field.

Here are major reasons why nursing diploma is the right option for science students:

  • It helps you boost your interest in helping people and comforting sick people.
  • If you are calm and patient person nursing is just the right choice for you.
  • There are plenty of job opportunities for nursing students.

Diploma in computer application

The age of technology has opened the doors of opportunities for computer application students. In the present time, everybody wants to mark the presence of digital platforms such as websites and mobile applications.

In this way, students can create and develop numerous computer and database apps and purse their careers as lead consultants, application developers, office assistance to name a few.

If working on computers excite you, if you like to learn about computer software and languages then diploma computer application/science is a great choice.

Diploma in mechanical engineering

If you have a quest to build new things the diploma in mechanical engineering is the best for you. Science students who have an interest in learning about machines, designing complex and other equipment details then a diploma in mechanical engineering are the perfect choice for you.

Here’s why you should choose a diploma in mechanical engineering.

  • Choose this course if you want to know how machine work.
  • If you want to improve good communication skills.
  • If you are a team player.

Some other more diploma courses after 12th science

  • Diploma in nutrition and dietetics.
  • Diploma in biotechnology.
  • Diploma in chemical engineering.
  • Diploma in civil engineering.
  • Diploma in mechanical engineering.

Job oriented diploma course after 12th Arts

After commerce and science, the arts is the subject which is the most preferred field by students who love to make their career in humanities.

The best part about arts as a subject is that students have numerous options for diploma courses after 12th arts.

Here are some major diploma courses that you can think of taking after 12th arts:

Diploma in 3D animation

We all have grown up watching our favorite cartoon characters. Many of us even have tried to sketch them on our personal drawing sheet.

Students of art can boost their imagination by choosing a diploma course in 3D animation.

After completing the 1-year diploma course you have career options available in Bollywood, Hollywood, education industry and many more domains.

Diploma in interior designing

Do you like to change the interior in of your house? Do you have that creative eye with which you can give a distinct look to the interior of your house?

If yes! Then interior designing is the best part for you.

Here are the following reasons why you should choose interior designing as a career:

  • If you like drawing and sketching, choose interior designing.
  • Do you have a good sense of designing?
  • If you love experimenting with designs and styles, this course is for you.
  • If you can work for long hours for demanding clients.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the newest and the most sought after course among the students in the present time.

It is the field that offer you lots of flexibility when it comes to job location and timing.

The best part of digital marketing course is that you can start with your own business or work independently once you complete the course.

Digital marketing can help you promote family business, can help you become an influencer, and induce an entrepreneur within you.

Some other more diploma courses after 12th science

  • Bachelors in travel and tourism.
  • Bachelors in fine arts.
  • Bachelors in physical education.
  • Bachelors in law.