Ivana Trump; Early Life, Career, Life Style and Relations with Trump Family

Ivana Trump Relations with Trump Family


Do you want to know Who Lvana Trump is? How old is Trump’s wife lvana? Who are Ivana trump parents? Well worry not all your desired queries about Ivana Trump are solved in this chapter.

Ivana Zelnickova Trump is the ex-wife of former American President Donald Trump. They were quite famous as a couple in the 80’s. They got divorced in 1992, Ivana got $20 million as divorce settlement. Apart from the money, she also received a Connecticut mansion, usage of Mar-a-Lago one month a year and an apartment in the Trump Tower. Trump cheated on Marla Maples, to whom he later married. All of these proceedings make Ivana Trump a household name.

Ivana Trump Early Life

Ivana was born on February 29,1949 in Czech Republic. She has been interested in athletics since her early childhood. She started to compete in skiing at the age of six. Ivana participated in several tournaments throughout her childhood. She took admission in Charles University at Prague in 1967. Ivana claimed that she was considered as an alternate for the national ski team in the 1972 Olympics, even though her statement lacked authenticity. Ivana married Austrian skier Alfred Winklmayer. They parted ways after just one year. Ivana migrated to Canada to start working as a skiing instructor, but shifted towards modelling in the 70s. During her modelling career, she went to New York and met Real Estate tycoon Donald Trump in 1976. Ivana trump age 72 years.

Ivana Trump Marriage Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Ivana got married in 1977. Ivana has three children together (Eric, Ivana and Donald Jr). She worked in his husband’s company as interior design consultant on many big projects like Trump Tower and casino in Atlantic city. Ivana held many important job positions inside the Trump empire for many years. 

Their relationship started to shatter from the early time period of their marriage. Due to being in the media, they were the centre of attention all the time. Ivana took divorce from Donald Trump after rumours of his affair with Marla Maples started to make rounds. The divorce settlement was $20 million, it was huge for trump as his business was tackling bankruptcy. 

Ivana Trump Post Divorce; Career and Lifestyle

After the separation, she appeared in a movie “The First Wives Club” along with other popular actresses of the time. She said in the film “Ladies you have to be strong and independent. And remember: don’t get mad, get everything.” Ivana repeats this message in her book “The best is yet to come”.  She launched many lifestyle brands after the divorce. One of the main companies is Ivana Haute couture that makes clothes, fragrances and jewellery. She also bought a stake in a Croatian newspaper. Ivana has a networth of approximately $100 million. She also has own company Ivana.Inc to manage her media appearances and other media related work. In 2006, she appeared on her own show “Ivana Young Man”. 

Lvana married Rossano Rubicondi

In 2008, Ivana married Rossano Rubicondi, 59 year old Ivana and 36 year old Rossano dated for six years before tying the knot. They got married at Palm Beach, Florida. But this union did not work out either. They announced their separation in December of the same year. According to Ivana, their marriage did not work out due to being in different cities. 

Ivana returned to reality television in 2010 to compete in Celebrity Big Brother. She launched a new brand of wines in the same year. Ivana partnered with Legends Wines to sell her wines in the collaboration. After two years, Ivana helped Giovanni Perrone in his work. She organized an opening for him in May 2013. 

Ivana Pet Dog

Ivana loves his pet dog teacup Yorkshire terrier named tiger. Tiger got Ivana in trouble in the Big Apple in 2014, when she refused to have dinner without tiger. According to Ivana, her pet dog is a service dog and has an exemption from no pets rule. She did not give away the dog but stayed firm on her stance. 

Ivana Real Estate

Ivana does not always stay in the New York east side. She loves to spend time in London and Saint Tropez, where she owns properties as well.  Ivana spends four months of the year in Cote d’azur, she hangs out with Elton John, Beyoncé, Mike Tyson, Sean Combs around that time. She sold her Palm beach mansion in Florida for $16.6 million. Ivana sold the property because she resides more in her Miami apartment. 

Five Major Reasons Why Ivana is a True Icon Of Trump Family

1.  After the separation from Donald Trump, ivana trump spouse appeared in the Hollywood movie “The First Wives Club”.  She said a line in the movie “Don’t get mad, get everything”. And without any doubt, she gets everything via her three children Ivanka, Donald Jr and Eric Trump.

2. Ivana trump young started modelling way before Melania was still aware of modelling. On the contrary, she viewed modelling as a job rather than a career. Ivana has a huge hand in the success of Donald Trump as a businessman. She helps him in building Trump Tower and famous New York’s plaza hotel. 

3. Lvana called Marla Maples cheap after she appeared on a TV show Dancing with the stars. But later she appeared as a guest competitor in the Italian version of the same show.

4. Her daughter Ivanka Trump was quite outspoken during the presidency of her father. Ivana was an unofficial advisor to the President, she said that Donald spoke to her before and after speeches and she even wrote speech notes for him. She also claimed in a 2016 interview to the New York Post, that Donald Trump offered her the position of ambassador for Czech republic. 

5. Lvana has said that she was the one who convinced Donald Trump to be vocal on Twitter. As it would spread his message to more and more people. Until, he gets blocked by Twitter after his controversial tweets. 

Ivana Trump Twitter

Lvana Controversies

Ivana said many things at times which stirred the controversy. She tried to embarrass first lady Melania Trump many times, once she said on the ABC news that as she is Trump’s first wife, she is the first lady. At that time, FLOTUS hit back at Ivana that she is here for children, not to promote her book. Ivana faced huge criticism for her controversial statement in a UK TV show about immigration, even though Ivana is an Immigrant herself.

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