IRCTC: Railways preparing to make passenger trains express to make up for the loss

Railway board is going to make selected passenger trains express

The corona virus has pushed the railways into harm. The lockdown did not earn a single penny, in turn costing crores of rupees. Now running select trains, there is a slight arrival, but the expenditure is many times more.

The Railways is working hard to make up for this deficit. Railway Board has started work on several options.

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One option in this is to make passenger trains express. If this happens, low-income passengers will have to spend more on the journey on which they used to complete the journey before the lockdown by spending less money.

It simply means that the Railway Board is going to make express passenger trains select. After this, there is a slight increase in the speed of trains, but the fare will increase more than that. Actually, Railway Board is going to make passenger trains express.

Preparing to charge 50 to 60 rupees more daily from the passengers

According to board sources, passenger trains running within a radius of 200 km are to be included. Railways claim that by making the express a passenger, its speed will increase and passengers will reach between stations from one station to another quickly.

By making the trains express, they will incur the fare of the express category, which will be an average of 50 to 60 rupees per passenger (in each category) compared to the passenger category.