Inhuman face of UP police : luring migrant laborers to the ground in scorching heat

The inhuman face of Uttar Pradesh Police was seen in Hapur district, where police from migrant laborers were punished for lying on the road in the scorching sun.

These migrant laborers were walking on the side of the tracks towards their village. While patrolling along the railway tracks at the skinned gate of Kotwali Nagar area, the police caught them and saw that the migrant laborers did not even wear masks.

Therefore, the policemen punished him for rolling on the road as a punishment. The case of such punishment by the policemen was captured by a person present there on his mobile camera and shared it on social media.

This video quickly became viral on social media. In view of which the UP Police has also taken action against both the personnel.

According to the information, a policeman soldier, who goes round the ground in the scorching sun with two youths on the railway gate tracks, is the second home guard.

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