India warns China, there should not be any attempt to change the status quo on LAC

China army’s action in Galvan affected the relationship between the two countries

India has given a clear warning to China to immediately stop its activities in East Ladakh, that any attempt to forcefully change the status quo along the border between the two countries will not only affect regional peace, but also worsen bilateral relations Will affect.

India has made it clear that any such attempt will be reacted and its consequences will have to be faced by China. Indian Ambassador to China, Vikram Misri, gave a clear message on Friday that until China stops the construction work on the Line of Actual Control, there will be tension between the two countries.

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Meanwhile in New Delhi, Army Chief General MM Narwane informed Defense Minister Rajnath Singh about the overall situation in East Ladakh and Indian military preparedness.

The Indian Ambassador told reporters in Beijing that the repeated claims made by China over Galvan were unacceptable and said that such a claim would not benefit him. Misery said China’s efforts to change the status quo on the ground could cause a rift in bilateral relations.

The recent steps taken by the Chinese military have severely damaged bilateral relations and trust between the two countries. Peace on the border is very important for better relations. Regarding the activities of the Indian Army on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), he said that India has always continued activities in its area of ​​LAC.

Now it is entirely China’s responsibility to carefully review the relationship between the two countries and then decide in which direction it should go. Peace on the border is a necessary condition for any progress in bilateral relations between India and China. Our view is quite clear about this.

The Chinese soldiers should not obstruct the task of patrolling the Indian soldiers. Misery rejected China’s claim on the Galvan Valley, saying it could not find any support. The exaggerated claims do not help in the current situation.