India joining the G7 group could prove to be a big setback for China and Pakistan

During the Corona epidemic, where many countries have been questioned about its prevention and spread, everyone has praised the leading role India played in it. This is the reason that India’s strength and credibility has increased during this epidemic on the global stage.

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Now this strength is expected to increase further. In fact, the intention of the US to include three other countries, including India, in the G-7 group is very broad. Not only this, it can prove to be a big setback for China and Pakistan.

America has prepared a road map for this somewhere. This is the reason the US has decided to postpone the proposed G-7 meeting by September to consider how to recover from the economic downturn. There is no doubt that India’s strength and credibility will be increased by joining the G-7 group of countries.

This intention, expressed by President Donald Trump, is in some way stamping the growing strength of India, including Asia, besides strengthening relations between India and America.

Apart from this, it is also India’s diplomatic victory on the global stage. Trump says that he does not believe that this as G-7 properly represents what is going on in the world.