India Coronavirus: 1024 Cases and 24 Deaths – 29th March 2020 | UpdatedNewsReport

India’s Confirmed Coronavirus Cases: 29th March 2020

According to the latest report so far, till 6 am on March 29, 2020, 1024 cases of coronavirus have been reported in which 24 people have died. Today, 46 new patients have been identified with the corona virus.

The 21-day lock down is being strictly followed in the country, but still some new cases are being received daily.

Let us know what is the condition of India, how many new coronavirus infected cases can be found.

CoronaVirus Total Cases1024 Cases
Total No. of Death24 Deaths
Recovered85 Recovered
Active Cases919 Currently Infected Patients
Close Cases105 (85 Recovered and 20 Deaths)

Today, on 29th March, 2020, more than 6.50 lakh people have got positive from corona virus in which more than 30 thousand 200 people have lost their lives.

Still many people are not following this lock down completely, we request all of you to please follow the lock down completely and stay in your homes.