ICC Launches Cricket World Cup League To Determine Qualification For 2023 World Cup

A Memorable Monday

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made the last Monday of July 2020, a memorable day by launching a 50-over World Cup Super League to determine the qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup.  The World Cup is going to take place in India in the year 2023.

The Schedule of the Tournaments

The tournament is going to kick start with a series between Ireland, and England. The show is scheduled in Southampton on July 30. ICC is soon going to announce the remaining. Luckily, India has automatically qualified for the World Cup because they are the host of the tournament.

How Many Teams Are Featuring The Super League?

ICC released a press note and stated that The Super League is going to decide the other seven teams, which will qualify for the World Cup. There would be 13 teams featuring in the league. Among them, the 12 ICC would be the “Full Members” including the Netherlands, who qualified by winning the World Cricket Super League held in 2015-17. The Super League will offer each side play four home and four away three-match series.

The Point Distribution Plan

The five teams, which might fail to qualify directly, will play along with five Associate sides in the Qualifier 2023 along with two teams that would make it to the 10-team World Cup. Each team will get 10 points for a win and five for a tie/no result/abandonment.

None of the team is going to get any points if it loses any of its matches. All the teams will be ranked according to the total points they earn across the eight series, they play. There would be a criterion in place to separate two or more teams if they get on equal points.

Geoff Allardice GM Operation ICC’s said

Geoff Allardice GM Operation ICC’s said, as a knock-out phase is not expected to be there, as the league standings will determine the qualifiers for the World Cup. “The league plans to bring context, and relevance to One Day International cricket over the next three years, as a qualification for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is at stake”.

He added “The decision last week to move the World Cup back to late 2023 has given us more time to schedule any games lost due to COVID-19 pandemic and preserve the integrity of the qualification process most conveniently. It means that it will be planned on the field of play, which is critically important.”

ICC has cleared it again in the words “the start of the Super League was delayed due to COVID-19. As part of our eventuality planning, we continue to work with Members to find gaps where the rescheduled qualifying series can be out of harm’s way and practically rescheduled”.