I will beg or borrow, but will continue to help my fellow citizens: Prakash Raj

Thousands of migrant workers are trapped in other cities due to the lockdown. Due to which problems of food and living are constantly coming in front of them. Due to this, the workers are forced to travel their homes on foot.

However, Bollywood actor Prakash Raj is constantly coming forward to help migrant laborers. Actors are sometimes providing food to laborers and sometimes they are helping them in sending them home.

Recently, Prakash Raj shared some pictures of Migrant Workers from his Twitter handle.


He tweeted, “He may not be able to give me back, but when he reaches home, he will say – We met a person who gave us hope as well as his house.” Gave the power to reach. “

People are commenting a lot on Prakash Raj’s tweet and giving their feedback.

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