Hrithik Roshan gave hand sanitizer to the Mumbai Police to protect against corona virus

Film actor Hrithik Roshan has given hand sanitizers to the officers of Mumbai Police who are working during the corona virus outbreak. Hrithik Roshan has gifted a hand sanitizer for the protection of Mumbai Police on duty during the Corona virus epidemic.

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The Mumbai Police wrote on its Twitter handle, ‘Thank you to @Hrithik for this thought of giving hand sanitizer to Mumbai Police personnel on duty. We are grateful for your contribution to the health and safety of our warriors.

Responding to him, Hrithik tweeted, ‘My gratitude to the police, who have taken our security in their hands. Be safe My love and respect to all the policemen standing in front line for duty. ‘ Hrithik is doing his job to protect workers during the Corona virus epidemic.

He tweeted, ‘At such a time we should do whatever we can to ensure the safety of the most fundamental caretakers of our city and society. I have purchased N95 and FFP3 masks for our BMC workers and others. ‘