HRD Ministry sent guidelines to CBSE and ICSE Board regarding routine of schools

The school routine will see many changes after the lockdown. The biggest change will be in the school’s morning assembly. For the next one year, the school assembly will not be held together in groups at the open space.

Every day after the assembly, students and girl students will also get a resolution for social distancing in the school premises. A guide line has been sent by the Ministry of Human Resources to CBSE and ICSE in this regard. Now the guidelines are being sent by the board to the respective schools.

It is to be known that till now the morning assembly has been open in schools. Three to four students are selected to address the assembly. These selected students offer prayers to the rest of the school. 

The principal will instruct Mike on starting the assembly from his chamber. All teachers will live in the class room. The selected students who have prayed will gather at one place and make them pray.

After the lockdown, the school will be open but the same game will be promoted throughout the year, in which only a few players are involved. Such as bandminton, tennis, table tennis, etc. Apart from this, there will be a change in rules in the playground. 

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